Welcome to my new Honeybee Blog!

I’ve thought for awhile now that I’d like to share my honeybee adventures with the rest of the world, or at least anyone who happened across this!  I’m still a relatively new beekeeper, however I’ve spent more time than I’d care to admit studying, reading, and generally just messing around with my bees.

First a bit about me.  My name is Greg Meade, married to Gayle Meade, and we have two kids Hannah Grace, and Wesley.  We live in the great little town of Abingdon in Southwest Virginia.  I’m a forester by training and have a great job at The Nature Conservancy.

I hope to post from time to time the various activities me and the honeybees are up to.  Currently I have 10 hives, and I’m hopeful they can make it till Spring since we’re so close.  I’ve lost two hives this winter and one is barely hanging on.

With the warmer than average winter I’ve been able to check on the bees several times and they’ve been doing very well overall.  In fact just this week I caught them on a warm day gathering pollen.  It’s pale yellow as you can see from the picture.  Not sure what plant this is coming from, but they seem pretty eager to start collecting.

Bees gathering pollen in late February


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