Maple Bloom Finally Here!

Today was 65 and sunny, certainly unseasonably warm for February, but I’ll take it!  And so will the honeybees!  I’ve been watching a big red maple in my yard for the past few days and the buds have finally started to open and I actually saw a few bees working the new blooms today.  This is a much anticipated (by me at least) and welcome source of nectar and pollen for the bees.  Maple trees are the first major nectar source of the season and will be the basis for the first cycle of new bees being created right now.

A couple of days ago I couldn’t resist and took a quick inside several of my hives.  After a recount I realized I actually have 12 hives.  However 3 of them are on life support and could pretty easily become casualties yet.  At any rate the other hives I inspected are doing well with several frames of brood in each hive.  I slapped some homemade pollen patties on several of them, fed a couple, and started making plans for some serious feeding in the next week or two.  The next time I make some pollen patties I’ll snap a couple of pics and post the recipe as well.


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