Another Swarm

First swarm of the year from one of my hives, at least the first one I know of.  I was just thinking to myself earlier in the day had good a job I’d done this preventing swarms….I guess bees will be bees!

This was on the small side, but easy enough to get in a small hive.  I’ll give it a few days then check how they’re doing.  Most of my queens are marked so I’ll be interested to see if this “swarm” queen is one of my marked queens.

On a related note, yellow poplar, blackberry, raspberry, and white clover are all blooming right now.  We will probably see the strongest nectar flow of the year over the next 2 weeks.  Small Swarm

Early May Swarm

I think it was random where the bees decided to cluster after the swarm.  I’m fairly certain they are not from the hive they are clustered on.



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