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Spring is here!

OK, no surprise there, unless you’ve been living under a rock!  Spring officially started March 20, but it was looking like Spring in Abingdon at least 10 days before then.  Over the past few days I’ve snapped some photos in my yard of bees on the current blooms.  I also scribbled the bloom dates down just for good measure.  It will be interesting to see how they compare with next years bloom dates….

Bloom Dates in my yard in Abingdon VA:

  • Dandelion – March 16
  • Pear – March 17
  • Cherry – March 19
  • Holly – March 21
  • Redbud – March 24

Apple blooms are just around the corner…


Red Maple in Bloom

Got a pretty good picture of a honeybee working the red maple that's just off my back deck. At any one time there was probably 100+ bees working the tree.


Got this picture on my back deck this afternoon after work.  It’s nice to see natural sources of nectar and pollen coming online!