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Another Swarm

First swarm of the year from one of my hives, at least the first one I know of.  I was just thinking to myself earlier in the day had good a job I’d done this preventing swarms….I guess bees will be bees!

This was on the small side, but easy enough to get in a small hive.  I’ll give it a few days then check how they’re doing.  Most of my queens are marked so I’ll be interested to see if this “swarm” queen is one of my marked queens.

On a related note, yellow poplar, blackberry, raspberry, and white clover are all blooming right now.  We will probably see the strongest nectar flow of the year over the next 2 weeks.  Small Swarm

Early May Swarm

I think it was random where the bees decided to cluster after the swarm.  I’m fairly certain they are not from the hive they are clustered on.



Getting Ready For Swarm Season

Put together a swarm trap today, or finished putting it together I should say.  It’s constructed from a Sono tub I picked up at Home Depot for $11.00.  I actually cut the tube in half so I’ll be able to make one more from the tube.  As you’ll see in the pic I rigged up the ends to hold frames so should a swarm find my trap they would be easier to deal with and move into another hive.  Cornell university put out an interesting study a decade or two ago regarding capturing swarms.  Worth reading if you’re interested in giving it a try.  Get the online PDF here.

All that’s left is to slap a coat or two of paint on this and get it baited up.